Oh hi, it's you
Tomorrow night?
Eight o'clock?
I'll ready!

He sends you flowers on a Sunday morning
after dialin' you on Saturday night
always ordering Don Perrignon
just to try to keep it fresh as right

He wants love - l-l-love - he wants love
You girls want love - that´s just for show
(and now you know - it's all for show)

I'm lookin' for love
I want a perfect love
I'm lookin' for love
oh, I can't get enough of perfect love

He's wearing all Armani's greatest cuts
keeps his ??? for all his polish pride
the more you tell him, oh the more he tries
wants to take you to his place for the night

So many Casanova's all around
tell me what's a lonely girl to do

He's always talking like a Romeo
but be careful of the things he says
he'll make you promises he cannot keep
he's the kind of man that goes to your head



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